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Dive into a world of art masked with the meta physical. Seek the answers for complexity while appreciating things that are simple. An archive of the ideas and findings about the connection between the body and mind. 


The Value of Art

To define art, we must first point out the boundaries of the logic behind it. If there is value to art, then that means that...

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The Duty of Form

We will be talking about the duty that we, humans, have given pottery. For what reason did we create these forms and what is the...

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The Allure of Wabi Sabi

With roots in Japanese culture, the art of Wabi Sabi is one that focuses on the imperfections of certain forms and creations. The emphasis on...

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Analysis of Pinch Pots

In this form, the product made is something that can not only be used as a functional vessel to hold something, but it can also be used as a...

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