The Value of Art

Concept of Intent

To define art, we must first point out the boundaries of the logic behind it. If there is value to art, then that means that if it has no value, then it is not art. Value comes from intention, the intent to acquire. This would imply that if it has no intention, then is it not art. When we think of art, we often point towards the creations of man. These creations are often expressed in what we refer to as mediums: pottery, drawings, paintings, but really they can be anything we want them to be, as long as it was made through direct intention. Nature, however, has no intention, so it cannot be art. The waves of the ocean hitting the side of rocks do make unique and interesting patterns that are subjectively appealing, but water holds no intention. These patterns formed on the side of rocks by water are the direct result of the concept of law, or anti intention.

Concept of Law

Since there is no intention, then there must be something else defining other creations other than art, an anti intention, or a law. These laws can be seen as opposites of intention, to which there is no consciousness behind the creation of such formation. Nature is made up of a set of laws, thus being a primary force of creation in this world harboring no intention. However things get interesting, as humans were created by the laws of nature. Our bodies are created through pure law, which means inherently, we are not art. But this all changed when certain laws came together to create a concept of value, intention. It was this creation of intention that allowed for art to be born. 

This would point towards the idea that laws can come together to create things that negate it, anti law, or intention. This can be seen in the reverse as when a human dies, our intention dies as well. Our bodies decay according to natural law and it is this law that dictates what occurs after that. We call this combination of laws, consciousness. Art is the very creation of this consciousness, an accumulation of law giving birth to intention. 


Setting Value

Once we know that all intention results in art, who is the one putting the value of it. This is where the different realms of value come in. In our capitalistic society, we often put a price on things through money. This money is interesting as it only exists in this world of intention. In the world of law, it has no power or meaning at all. This would mean that money is, in a sense, art. Our intention brings up the idea that some things hold a higher value than that of the other, of course this is all purely spectical. In the world of law, or nature without intention, all is equal. A fire will burn a cow as if it burns a sheep. Of course we treat the two differently, as we do with other things as well. It is clear that the world of intention is a unique one, as it only exists with its domain. Money will only exist within the world of intent, however, the world of law is able to interfere with all of the happenings in the world of intention at any moment. Meaning that the world of law has higher precedence than the world of intent. It is clear that the world of intention is a fragile one, one of beings and one of prescribed value. 


The Black Square

An interesting example of our intent, is the sale of Black Square, a painting as seen on the left, of a square that is black. A piece of low historical reference compared to that of the great artists michelangelo and da vinci; however, interesting nevertheless. The painting sold for 60,000,000 USD. Imagine how much meaning 60,000,000 could have on the lives of others, to be spent at the leisure of someone for that. A very interesting intention indeed. Of course once again money will never leave this world of intention, for once it falls into the world of law, it is nothing, as we all are. We will all return to the world of law eventually. I will eagerly await that moment, but in the meantime this intent does make me quite curious, so i’ll stay for a bit longer. 


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